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Visit Montego Bay to See Innumerable Attractions

December 9th, 2011

A bit of history

The island of Montego Bay was discovered by Christopher Columbus in the late 1400s. It is still under the Parish of St. James. The main town square is named in honor of Samuel Sharpe, a freedom fighter in the 1800s who played a major role in the Baptist war. Montego Bay is renowned for its hospitality, fine restaurants and splendid beaches. So, don’t wait for your Last minute flights and immediately purchase your flight tickets to Montego Bay and head off to this amazing city for a thrilling experience.

Tourist spots

Board flights to Montego Bay and pay a visit here as the aura of this place will give you inner peace and lots of fun. One can find innumerable tourist attractions here as it is among one of the top destinations in the whole of the Caribbean. The Rose Hall Estate, which is a restored plantation, is one of the most famous tourist attractions. Apart from this, the Rocklands Bird Sanctuary worth visiting. You will find many flights available round the year, so don’t miss this golden opportunity to connect with the nature.

Places You Must Visit

While planning to visit this beautiful place, you must plan for a long holiday as this place has numerous sightseeing for you. There are many international airlines that offer cheap flights to Montego Bay. Here are some of the places which will make your holidays exciting and fun-fulfilled, and you must make sure to visit them. Pay a visit to the Rose Hall Estate, which used to be the residence of Annie Palmer, and is now decorated with antique furniture. Besides, you can also enjoy some water sports to make your stay more enjoyable. Also, consider visiting the beautiful Miranda Hill which is guaranteed to take your breath away. Doesn’t these sound thrilling? Get going now and seek airline discount from a well-known travel company so that you may buy cheap plane tickets to this awesome place. This place has a lot to offer its visitors. So don’t hurry, and take your time in exploring this paradise of scenic beauty by availing cheap tickets to Montego Bay. » Read more: Visit Montego Bay to See Innumerable Attractions

Save Money When You Travel by Using Overnight Bags

December 9th, 2011

One of the easiest ways to save money when you will be flying to your destination is to use overnight bags for your luggage. Just about every major air carrier has some sort of checked luggage fee. They typically range from $15 to $25 per bag, each way. So for a couple flying roundtrip together with two bags each, you could be looking at $100 just for the bags. With the continued rise in ticket prices, in addition to all the other costs associated with air travel, you have to try to eliminate as many of these costs as possible.

One of the easiest costs to eliminate is the previously mentioned checked bag fee. In case you haven’t noticed, or don’t travel much, the airlines will let you get on an airplane with just about any size luggage as carry-on. Of course they have their carry-on size requirement guides at the airport, but you’ll almost never hear any of the airline personnel reference these guidelines anymore. Now don’t take this to mean that you can come walking up to the aircraft with a steamer trunk as carry-on, cause that won’t fly (bad pun, sorry). You still have to get your suitcase through the baggage-screening machine at the security checkpoint, so you have to be somewhat reasonable. But I have seen some pretty monstrous backpacks and overnight bags that easily fit through the x-ray machines.

So here’s what you do. Go to Google, or whatever your favorite online store is for bags. Do a search for “overnight bags”. From here you’ll have a huge selection of bags that you can use when you travel. Because they are in the overnight bag category, most of these bags will be sized just right for you to carry them on a plane with you.

These bags have lots of great features. For one they are extremely easy to pack and unpack. Many of them have lots of pockets on the inside and the outside of the bag. This makes organizing your stuff a breeze. They also typically come with handles and a detachable shoulder strap. Handles are perfect for most situations. But the strap comes in really handy when you’ve loaded your bag with stuff and need to huff it through the airport to catch a connecting flight. Some of the bags even come with a stow-away handle and wheels for rolling the bag.

Because of their size and construction, these bags have many advantages over roll-aboard suitcases. For one they are extremely easy to get through security. Unlike a rigid suitcase, overnight bags are typically made from more flexible materials. So even if you’ve stuffed it to capacity, you can still get it through the scanning machines at security. This also helps when you’re trying to squeeze your bag into an overhead compartment. If you travel a good bit, you’ve heard the term handles or wheels out. Essentially the airlines are trying to accommodate as many bags as possible in the overhead compartments. For this reason, they want the bags placed in with the handles or wheels facing the isle of the plane. Some roll-aboard bags just won’t fit this way because of their rigid construction. But this won’t be a problem with your flexible bag. » Read more: Save Money When You Travel by Using Overnight Bags