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Spring Break Trips

February 13th, 2012

Let’s be honest, spring break is all about having fun. How can you have a fun spring break if you’re sitting at home with parents or roommates staring at the same TV, dealing with the same old friends, eating the same old food, and especially drinking the same old alcohol. You need to break out of your shell and get going! There are many great destinations for spring break, but wherever you go you’re pretty much guaranteed to have more fun than you’re having now. If you’re a college student then spring break conjures up thoughts of drunk girls, beer bongs, beer pong, awful hangovers, beach girls, and regrets. All of those things sound great, including the last bit…who doesn’t want some regrets? Honestly think about it, what kind of person do you want to be? Sure, there are video games to play but they can wait! Make this next spring break the best of your life and make it more memorable than the last.

There are so many people in the world and you really have to meet them all to figure out who you get along with best. Personally, I think Florida is the best place to find cheap spring break trips. All of us are on a budget, and there’s nothing more helpful than cheap spring break trips when you’re trying to get out and get CRAZY! If you’re not convinced yet to go on spring break, just walk through it in your mind’s eye. The first thing that happens is you leave school and are relieved because there’s no more class presssure! About 2 days into that, you’ll start to wish you we’re drinking with your friends in the bars. Then, you’ll see a bunch of pictures on Facebook of your best buddies drinking at crazy places with the hottest people you’ve ever seen. PLEASE don’t miss out on that opportunity… you will regret it for the rest of your life. Find cheap spring break trips on the net and get your butt in gear!

There is no doubt that your age determines your behavior. However, in college anything goes. Whether you are 18 or 23, spring break trips for college students are never a bad choice. Beer is usually the focal point of life during that 5-year span anyway, so why no make the most of it? Chances are you’re mad tired of schoolwork and want to unwind…I have news for you, so does everyone else around you. Been getting annoying at group partners for not doing their fair share of the work? Becoming tired of watching your fat roommate play video games and eat delivery subs? Are you sick of hearing your roommate’s girlfriend or boyfriend complain about being a dumbass? » Read more: Spring Break Trips

Top 3 Running Events in South America

February 13th, 2012

If you have traveled through South America or are in the process of planning a Latin America vacation, you know that the continent has some absolutely breathtaking landscapes. And, if you are a runner or an athlete, you will probably be interested by some of the running events that occur in the right in the midst of incredible mountains, lakes, deserts, and even islands. Read below for three of the most unique, as well as challenging, running events in South America.

The Easter Island Marathon occurs annually at the beginning of June, and geographically, it is about as off the beaten path as you can get. Located about 2,000 miles off the coast of Chile, Easter Island is the most remote inhabited island on the planet and its population is around 4,000. There are only four weekly departures from Santiago. Distance and sparse accommodations combine to limit the total number of participants to 150, although past editions of the marathon have always registered well under the maximum. The race course is a hilly out and back. June is the middle of the rainy season so expect humidity. Aid stations, with water and sports drinks, are located at every 5 km. If 42 kilometers is too much, there is also the option to run a half-marathon and a 10K; if it is too little, there are also a sprint triathlon and a mountain bike race. Before or after the marathon, the main attraction is definitely the 800 stone statues that dot the island.

The Inca Trail marathon logs in at just over 27 miles. The extra mileage nudges this race into the ultra-marathon category, but the altitude and difficulty of the terrain should be approached with respect. Runners need to get an Inca Trail permit to access the trail; as these sell out quickly, it is important to reserve a space with anticipation. » Read more: Top 3 Running Events in South America