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Is General Aviation a Valuable Industry in the United States?

May 5th, 2012

Perhaps, you are not aware that there is a shortage of pilots in the United States, and we are having challenges getting people into the profession, for instance we don’t have enough aerospace engineers for the future. Worse, China is graduating more engineers than we are, and they have a rather aggressive five-year aviation strategy. In fact, they are opening up general aviation nationwide. Unfortunately, we are going the other way, at a time when we very much need the jobs for making aviation equipment and aircraft, as it is one of our strongest exporting industries.

Last month there was a rather problematic article in Aviation Maintenance Technology News titled “NATA Responds to Obama’s Disparaging Comments About General Aviation,” which was published on June 30, 2011. Apparently the President of NATA (National Air Transportation Association) was just fit-to-be-tied over the comments that President Obama had made about general aviation (GA) while pitching his budget proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy and secure the future of ObamaCare and all his social programs. The article stated that NATA’s members are;

“appalled by Obama’s attacks on GA during a press conference. They want to eliminate a series of tax deductions; tax depreciation schedules for GA airplanes, to raise $400 billion in Tax Revenue over 10-years. Obama has repeatedly degraded the value of GA to our nation’s economy. This time, he does so a day after appearing at an American aircraft manufacturing facility to promote job growth. It is perplexing that he bashes an industry responsible for 1000s of manufacturing, maintenance, and service jobs.”

There is a reason why we have the tax codes the way we have them. General aviation has experienced attacks by politicians before. I can remember in the early 80s they got rid of the luxury tax laws, and modify the depreciation schedules, and at the time I was in the aviation business, and it just flat killed the entire industry. It was a horrible thing, and it cost tens of thousands of jobs in California, Florida, South Carolina, and of course in Wichita Kansas.

Before President Obama took office, he had made statements about rich corporate executives traveling in their corporate jets. Once elected, he followed that up by more disparaging statements during the bailouts for General Motors and Chrysler when those executives flew their corporate jets to Washington DC to speak to Congress. Corporate and general aviation for business purposes makes sense, because it is efficient, and these are business tools that we need. » Read more: Is General Aviation a Valuable Industry in the United States?

Why Affordable Charters Are Actually Really Very Affordable

May 5th, 2012

What does the term affordable in air travel mean to you?

Affordability would quite obviously imply that it is easy or at least within your reach to buy something that you need or want. So what happens when you think of flying via a private jet? How would you relate that to affordability? Depending on your present economic condition, you may find this type of service affordable or unaffordable.

But money is not just the criteria for affordability, when you think of flying via a private jet charter. This is because when you fly via a chartered flight, you are getting a much greater value for your money, than you would, if you were to fly via a commercial airliner.

The luxuries of affordable charters

A commercial airline cannot give you all the comforts of a private jet charter. For one thing, when you fly via a chartered plane, you get the maximum flexibility of timing. This means, you can book a flight whenever you want to, pack your bags and the flight will be ready and waiting to take off. As you are probably aware, this is definitely not the case with a commercial airline and delays are almost always inevitable.

Then there is the matter of security. You know how it is with commercial airlines, who can guarantee your security? But when you take a chartered plane, you are guaranteed of getting nothing but the best security.

The convenience is unmatched

When you take a commercial flight, you are given your seat and that’s about it. It is as though they are doing you a favor by giving you the ticket, irrespective of whether you are flying by business class or first class. But when you take a private jet, you are treated like royalty and in fact there are certain private planes that even have a Jacuzzi in them.

With a private charter plane, you have no need to bother about waiting at airports or waiting in long queues or worrying about your luggage getting lost. You are assured of flexibility, safety and luxury when you fly with a private jet. Because of the many benefits that are associated with a private flight, more and more people all over the world are beginning the realize that such flights are actually very affordable charters as they are highly efficient and they treat customers like royalty. » Read more: Why Affordable Charters Are Actually Really Very Affordable