A Day Trip to El Yunque

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Caribbean beaches, luxury resorts and the only rain forest in the US National Forest System- Puerto Rico has it all. Just a short ride from many Puerto Rico resorts, El Yunque National Forest offers a unique opportunity to step out into nature and enjoy all that she has to offer.

El Yunque is located in northeastern Puerto Rico in Rio Grande. This 28,000 acre part has a year-round tropical climate differentiates this forest from all other US national forests. Most of the forest rests on the Sierra de Luquillo with an elevation of 3,533 feet. 240 species of plants, 50 bird species, waterfalls and several species of wildlife comprise this living forest, making it an absolute pleasure to explore.

There are a few ways to experience El Yunque:

Guided forest adventure tours – Professionally guided tours are available for visitors interested in learning about the forest as they hike through seeing various species of plants, birds and animals on the way. These tours are given several time per day on a first come, first serve basis.

Hiking – Visitors who want to trek through the forest on their own have the opportunity to do so by hiking the 24 miles of recreational trails. Portions of these trails will take you by attractions in the forest such as LA Mina Falls, La Coca Falls and Mt. Britton Lookout Tower.

Biking – Many of the trails within the national park allow foot traffic only. There are private trails, however, where bikes are allowed. Private tour companies will take you up into the rainforest and guide you down bike paths of varying degrees of difficulty. This is a great way to see much of the forest in a short amount of time.

Camping – Camping is allowed on a very limited basis in El Yunque. Plan ahead because you’ll need to get a camping permit from the forest ranger before your trip.

El Yunque is a great day trip for visitors enjoying the Puerto Rico resorts and beaches for their vacation. It’s just another reason that so many call Puerto Rico, paradise.


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