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Issues You May Face When Renting A Vehicle

September 12th, 2011

By Jason T. Hall

Sure it seems like a simple process when you are booking a holiday to very simply make a car rental reservation and stick with it. You simply call around and get the best price and you are done. Not so fast. It seems simple enough but if you are dealing with a company that you have never heard of before you may be getting yourself in over your head without even realizing it.

Think about it when you rent a vehicle you are essentially entering into an agreement with that company and if they aren’t a reputable company then they may not stand up to their end of the bargain. It is important when you are executing any contract that both parties will do their best to hold to their end of the deal.

Now certainly anything can occur during the course of a contractual agreement and there are certainly circumstances where the parties, no matter how reputable, disagree and wind up in a dispute over said contract. And this is at times unavoidable even when both parties are trying to live up to their end. When you start out dealing with a shady company then things have the potential to go down hill really quickly and it is best to try and make sure in general, whenever you are renting a vehicle, that you have actually heard of that particular company or at the very least know someone else who has dealt with them.

Another issue that many people face is that they don’t take the time to read the rental agreement and this of course goes back to again acknowledging the sanctity of the agreement and understanding that this document outlines not only the rental company’s promises to you the consumer but your responsibilities to them as well. It is important to realize that if you breach your end of the deal you have then opened the door for them to breech theirs without recourse, as is the nature of a contractual agreement. » Read more: Issues You May Face When Renting A Vehicle

What You Need To Know About International Car Hire

September 4th, 2011

By Jason T. Hall

You might be surprised to learn that it is not as difficult as it might seem to rent an auto outside of your own country. Each country does have its own laws governing international rentals and so any time you choose to travel to a destination that you’ve never before visited, it is best to make contact with the rental agency in that locale directly to find out exactly what you’ll need for successful completion of your international rental.

One thing that it is important to realize is that many different countries have reciprocity with one another and in these cases you may be able to avoid getting an international driving permit all together. An IDP is required in most countries including Australia; however because American citizens have reciprocity they can use their valid driver’s license from the states to drive in Australia and this makes renting vehicles in Australia much simpler on American citizens then individuals from other countries. Actually in Australia they will largely honor licenses from other countries as long as they are in English. Any in a foreign language have to be converted to an IDP.

The best way to find out more information about what paperwork you will need in order to rent an auto at an international destination is to get in touch with the location directly or if you want to consult with someone who can explain the laws to you in your own language it may perhaps be advisable to contact the 1-800 number of an international car hire business instead. Companies that are used to working with customers from a variety of different countries usually have representatives available to go over matters with you in your native language which can help to clarify any issues and allow you to gain better understanding of the documentation you will need.

Renting a motor vehicle in a foreign country is much like renting one in the country in which you live. You need to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable business and that you have all the documentation you are going to need with you when you arrive to pick up your car hire. » Read more: What You Need To Know About International Car Hire