How You Can Holiday On A Budget In Ireland

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The worldwide recession also known as the ‘credit crunch’ has hit everyone – whether it is the loss of a job, increased taxes, and higher cost of living – all pointing to the fact that nobody is immune from it. Thus people have less disposable income to spend on holidays, but they still want to get away for a break. All this means is that people want to holiday on a budget. This is certainly possible – even with a family. Ireland has it all for the tourist visitor; friendly people, so much to do and see, easy to arrive, and for these reasons you can certainly holiday here on a strict budget!

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  1. · Find out what you can afford to spend: Then the budget conscious shall stick to the travel plan for each area of the holiday mix.
  2. · Be flexible and vary your travel dates: Booking your accommodation, car hire and flights to Ireland will obviously be dearer at peak times – so be prepared to vary your travel dates – this will save you some hard earned money! If travelling with kids, try late August or during midterm, depending on what is available.
  3. · Plan Well In Advance: Around now is the time to be shopping for a Summer 2011 package. Time waits for no one, so get online and shop for that great travel deal at a steal! Prior research might be obvious, but it is a must.
  4. · Join Ireland travel forums and sign up for Travel Newsletters online to get the best value deals available when they come about!
  5. · Shop Around For Value: Ensure to check online so that you will benefit for the very best deals available. All accommodation providers are now slashing their rates and offering consumers the best value deals throughout the week and at weekends. The same goes for eateries and restaurants. You will get the best value in Ireland should you shop around.
  6. · Following on from this, Irish accommodation provider has identified the need in the Irish holiday market for Special Value Break Deals for holidaymakers and domestic tourists. Get great value quality hotel breaks for just €149 for 2 nights for 2 adults and 2 children. If you want to go self-catering just check out the Self Catering Value Breaks – just €299 for a week from September to June, subject to availability. A 3-night break costs just €199.
  7. · Eat out at lunchtime – if you decide to eat out, then do so earlier in the day. This will save you money because lunchtime menus are well down in price compared to dinner menus.
  8. · Head off the beaten track: You might find that the traditional holiday centres are much more costlier if you are adhering to a strict holiday budget. Going to destinations such as Connemara and the Ring Of Kerry may be more expensive than a trip to the Lakes of Westmeath and Fermanagh or Lough Key Forest Park in Roscommon. So seek out those alternative travel destinations – there are many gems out there in Ireland!
  9. · Think of your own entertainment to save money: Being on a tight holiday budget means that some of the luxuries are ruled out. Nothing wrong with that – holidays are not all about spending money on paid attractions. Ireland has so much countryside and rural areas, so its good to get out and about, have a delicious picnic with the family (saves eating out in a restaurant) and take plenty of film and photo footage for posterity! Ireland can have some fabulous weather; at the time of writing we are having the warmest October in many years. However the weather is unpredictable, so be prepared, and have an umbrella in the car!
  10. · Find Out Where The Free Attractions Are: There are attractions that are unmissable, though some are totally overpriced, overrated and not advised if you are on a budget. So to save some money, why not visit attractions that cost absolutely nothing to visit? Such examples are Killarney and Connemara National Parks, with miles and miles of walking routes, picnic areas, and play areas for the kids. The famed Hill of Tara and Glendalough are also free to visit. So research your holiday to find out about these free family attractions! » Read more: How You Can Holiday On A Budget In Ireland

Preparing for moving on with boxes

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