Emigrating to Canada From The UK

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The second largest country in the world, Canada has a huge expat community, attracting immigrants from all over the world. This year it aimed to extend permanent residency to between 240,000 and 265,000 people, making it one of the most welcoming countries for anyone looking to relocate. But what benefits are there for people emigrating to Canada?

Universally known for its Mounties (Royal Canadian Mounted police) and maple syrup, Canada has much to offer. With a mix of many different cultural influences, Canada boasts European architecture, American style sports leagues, and a rich history of indigenous Inuit traditions. The cost of living is low compared to mainland Europe and the health care system is high quality and affordable. There are large multicultural communities who are used to integrating with those from overseas.

With approximately 85% of the population concentrated within 300 km of the US border, Canada is a vast country which is largely unpopulated – for good reason! The harsh Canadian winters can bring more than just a chill to the air. Certain areas of the country are covered in snow for six months of the year with temperatures well beneath freezing for the duration of winter, so it’s best to avoid these parts. The province of Alberta has the lowest temperatures with Calgary and Edmonton taking the brunt of the chilly winter weather. Coastal regions, like British Columbia and Ontario, usually escape the worst of the bitter cold. However even in the coldest parts of the country the weather has been considered, and some cities have been built with underground heated areas for pedestrians and shoppers who don’t want to brave the icy streets.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Report 2012 voted Calgary the 5th ideal destination in the world to live. Vancouver and Toronto take 3rd and 4th place because of the availability of goods and services, low personal risk, and effective infrastructure.

Canada has thriving financial services, » Read more: Emigrating to Canada From The UK

How To Explore Auckland On A Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

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Auckland is the ideal gateway for touring New Zealand, a country famous the world over for its spectacular scenery. It could be tempting to bypass the city and head straight for the picturesque islands and the national parks, but visitors won’t regret pausing awhile in this vibrant hub.

So how do you work out how long to stay in Auckland, and what to focus on, when there’s so much more to see in New Zealand, and you don’t have all the time in the world? Very simple: You can easily explore New Zealand’s “city of sails” in just a couple of days, using the Hop-on, Hop-off bus, and this short guide will tell you what you can expect to see, and which of the sites along the route are worth focusing on.

A vibrant city: Auckland’s Sky Tower should be on everybody’s itinerary. It’s the tallest man-made structure in the Southern Hemisphere and boasts spectacular panoramas from three viewing platforms at the top.

Don’t miss the America’s Cup Viaduct Harbour, either. One of only two countries to ever beat America, New Zealanders are very proud of their yachting triumph.

You should also take time to explore Parnell Village, with its myriad of chic galleries, shops, street-side caf├ęs, and restaurants that suit all tastes.

A fascinating past:If time allows, take a trip on Auckland’s 1920′s heritage tram. It travels down to the waterfront at the Wynyard Quarter, which is a great place to stop for a seafood lunch. Or for some Second World War history, there’s Bastion Point for its lookout bunkers and gun emplacements.

Auckland also has not one but two Museums of Transport and Technology – MOTAT 1 and MOTAT 2 – and the young and the not-so-young will love the interactive displays.

A natural experience: Bird lovers who are keen to see a Kiwi can visit Auckland’s Zoo to make sure they can tick this one off the list. Then there’s the Antarctic Encounter for those who’d like to meet a colony of penguins. Travel is by heated, soundproofed Snow Cats, which is an experience in itself! » Read more: How To Explore Auckland On A Hop-On Hop-Off Bus