Planning A Staycation

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We all need a vacation, whether with the entire family or your significant other. However, the economy is affecting all parts of our life. Unfortunately, many of us will not be able to follow through with vacation plans. But now, there is an alternative that is catching on rather quickly and it is called a “Staycation”. A staycation is just what it sounds like, a vacation but you stay at home. It might not sound interesting, but you can turn it into a fun and relaxing getaway.

Start planning, it is the best way to decide what you would like to do. You can plan some events so you don’t have to figure things out as you go along.

Tell family and friends your plans. This way, in their eyes you are truly on vacation and need only contact you in case of an emergency. Unplug the TV, this is a staycation, you can watch TV any time. Only turn it on if you choose to have a movie night with the family, this way you can all gather around and enjoy some popcorn and a movie.

Go outside, don’t let the kids sleep all day. Go out and birdwatch, go fishing, explore the parks and nature, take in all you can of the outside world. Take a trip to the free zoo, they usually have one in at least one County. You can even have a relaxing day at the beach, soak in some sun, and let the kids go swimming. If it is Winter, have them go outside and everyone build a snowman, run and play in the snow, and then snuggle to a nice move with some hot cocoa.

Go on a picnic, have the kids fly kites, and play wiffle ball. Bring some bubbles, and have a nice day with the wind blowing in your hair. Watch as the kids run and play and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

Camping is another fun way to have a staycation. If you have a tent, you can put it up in your own back yard and cook marshmallows on your grill. If you have a camping ground in your area, you can go camping for a day or two and show the kids how it is to live right in the heart of Mother Nature.

Even if you are not leaving home or staying very close by, be sure you have your video camera to capture all the precious moments in time you are creating with your kids. This creates many memories, and actually gives it the feel of a real vacation getaway

Just remember, it really doesn’t matter where you decide to go, whether home or away. As long as you create quality time with your family you can strengthen the bonds that may have been pushed aside during all the long stressful work hours. Time is the most important thing you can give to your husband, wife and kids, enjoy every moment together, and you will have lasting memories in your hearts.

A staycation is a great way to enjoy your well-deserved time off and it also gives a boost to your local economy, which is essential right now to many cities. It’s important to be creative but remember to have fun and enjoy the quality time.


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